Searchlight Pharma launches LIMISAN™, the new innovative painless adhesive bandage remover!

JULY 18, 2016 (MONTREAL, QUEBEC) — Searchlight Pharma is pleased to announce the launch of LIMISAN in Quebec and online in the rest of Canada. LIMISAN is a unique, brand new product to help avoid the pain and the tears of bandage removal! New to the Canadian market, LIMISAN is an innovative painless adhesive bandage, tape, and residue remover, in a spray format. This new product–essential to all first-aid kits–proves a welcome relief for the entire family.

Avoid the drama – Say goodbye to OUCH!

Who has not winced at the thought of removing a bandage from a child’s wound? To minimize this stressful moment for both parent and child, we’ve tried everything: bathing and showering the wound area, using oils, alcohol or skincare products to soften the adhesive, or worst, ripping the bandage off very, very quickly! Still we suffer the ouches and wipe the tears.

LIMISAN provides peace of mind and relief during these ever-important moments when a parent or caregiver must remain calm and tend to a wounded child. Moreover, it’s not just for children!  LIMISAN also helps easily remove sports tapes, therapeutic patches (like smoking-cessation and hormonal patches), medical bandages, plasters and sticky residues of all kinds. LIMISAN’s multiple benefits will appeal to children and grown-ups alike making it the essential addition to any home first aid kit and the perfect companion for family activities on road trips, camping expeditions, outdoor adventures, etc.

Multiple Benefits of LIMISAN

When sprayed on the dressed wound area, LIMISAN quickly forms an invisible layer between the skin and the adhesive that interrupts the adhesive bond, causing a total loss of adhesion and allowing the bandage to be gently lifted away. This new technology works on all types of adhesives, including acrylic-based, rubber-based and hydrocolloid plasters, dressings and tape. LIMISAN provides multiple welcomed benefits.

  • – It avoids pain
  • – It is easy to apply, thanks to the spray-on formula
  • – It works in seconds
  • – It is dermatologically tested
  • – Its mild, non-irritant formula is suitable for sensitive skin while avoiding further skin damage
  • – It dries quickly, allowing for rapid bandage re-application when necessary
  • – It smells fresh and leaves a clean surface, without residue

LIMISAN will be available online and on-shelf in the first aid section next to bandages in pharmacies across Quebec as of mid-July. In-store distribution will be expanded to the rest of Canada in spring 2017.  The product comes in a 34 g spray bottle offering 40 applications, priced at an MSRP of $14.99 + taxes. For more information about LIMISAN or the complete list of retailers, visit

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